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We provide a healthy and happy environment for your children to grow, learn and develop prior to entering Kindergarten.  Our program explores basic concepts in math, language, reading, science, music and art.  During the course of the day the children have the opportunity to participate in free-choice, small group and whole group activities.


  • free choice activities encourage personal interests, self-expression and creative thinking.

  • small group activities are designed to teach new concepts and reinforce previously introduced concepts.

  • whole group activities are intended to develop listening skills, social skills and the ability to follow directions in a group setting.


We want your child's preschool years to be both fun and productive while working to achieve the following goals:

  • develop a positive self image

  • develop positive relationships with peer and adults

  • encourage child to express himself/herself creatively

  • develop good listening and self-help skills

  • develop language through listening, speaking and dramatic play activities

  • develop maximum physical growth through active play

  • explore basic concepts in reading, writing and math




          Monday/Wednesday/Friday OR Tuesday/Thursday

          8:30am to 1:00pm



          3 days/week     $840/month

          2 days/week     $630/month 


*maximum of 12 kids, with 2 teachers

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